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Security valves

SIEGEL develops security valves for hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Our own product (utility model and trademark) officially authorized – CE Marking –and complying with the European regulations in force for Pressure equipment, Pressure
Equipment Directive 97/23/CE.

This certificate does not only approve and endorse the design of the Archetypal Model, but it also certifies our Quality System for the design, manufacturing, checking and control process of our security valves.

All of the above, beyond the sheer compliance with the current legislation, is done in order to confirm our product as trustworthy, efficient and safe.


    Accumulators for all types of compressors.

    Pneumatic and refrigeration installations.

    Aerographic equipment.

    Tanks and boilers for compressed air.

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    The valves are supplied ad hoc according to the specific necessities of each client. They are weighed, sealed and certified between 1 and 15 bar.

    Hermetic seal that guarantees the air tightness in any workplace:

    + 10% of the tare pressure.

    The evacuation into the atmosphere design, as well as its size, reduce the costs, hence ensuring great relief capacity.

    Manufactured in brass, which guarantees resistance to corrosive agents.

    Temperature application field:

    T minimum (-20º C |-4º F)

    T maximum (200º C |392º F)

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    The valves are properly SEALED, MARKED and in possession of the CERTIFICATES ”CE-0056-PED-B-SIG 001-16-ESP” and “CE-0056-PED-D-SIG 001-16-ESP” of type CE.

    Issued by BUREAU VERITAS (notified organism number 0056) by the ECA SAU, notified organism number 0056 and authorized ENAC number OC-C/190, according to
    the Directive 97/23/CE regulations in force.

    Likewise, our products have the warranty of our Certificate of Quality (AENOR) in compliance with the International Law UNE-EN-ISO 9001.

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